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This course puts you in a real-life survival scenario where you are lost in a boreal forest and must use basic survival skills to stay alive. Your instructor, Chris Dougherty, will guide you through this experience every step of the way, giving you the knowledge to make the best decisions, where the only one you can depend on is yourself.

Contemplating options as night falls.Attitude & Fear: Learn to overcome the initial "shock-n-awe" reaction, along with fear and anxiety that set in upon realization of your circumstance.

Assessing the Situation: Learn to put your situation into perspective, gather the facts and put all options on the table. Navigation by the sun, the moon, your watch and the stars (celestial) will be taught.

Exposure: Hypothermia & hyperthermia, the outdoor's biggest killer, will be covered in great detail. Learn the 5 ways your body loses and gains heat to the environment and the 3 ways you can regulate body temperature. A thorough understanding of these energy transfers is critical for you to be able to keep your core body temperature near 98.6º F.

Lean-to and bough bed for two.Shelter: Build a classic lean-to shelter furnished with a cozy pine bough bed. Also learn to conserve energy by working no more than 60% of your maximum ability and the importance of staying dry.


Making camp your home.Fire:
Learn where to look for dry tinder and kindling in the wettest conditions and proper fire preparation using the fire triangle model. Build a fire with one match, a magnesium stick or even a bow drill. Learn how to build a self-feeding pyramid fire and the importance of a fire reflector.

Tripod water filter.Water: Discuss finding water using nature's water indicators and various methods. See how much water you can collect from morning dew with a t-shirt. Purify your water by constructing both a trench and tripod filter. Try boiling water in a paper cup or plastic soda bottle!

Rescue Signals: Build an effective signal fire for rescue, make a homemade whistle from a soda can, and explore other ways to let would-be rescuers know where you are. 


Most survival situations arise from recreational use of the wilderness. If you become lost on a hike or while out hunting, or your car breaks down in the remote backcountry, then the Staying Alive: Basic Wilderness Survival Skills course will be of particular use to you. Don't wait until the unexpected happens. Be responsible and go outdoors prepared!