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Step back in time, before Europeans first set foot on North America, when native peoples lead nomadic lives, hunting and gathering for sustenance. You are learning to provide for yourself in this course, using only your hands and the natural resources found in a boreal forest environment. As a tribe you will have to work together to set up camp, in making the wilderness your home.

Defending my spruce wickiup.Forest Shelter: Finding or creating shelter to get out of the elements is your number one priority, to avoid hypothermia or hyperthermia. Learn where, why and how to build an effective rock heated wickiup, based on the transfer of heat.

Working for the gift of fire.Fire by Friction: Create the gift of fire by rubbing two sticks together using the bow & drill method and a handmade stone cutting edge. Your functional bow drill kit will be made from a wilderness environment.


A complete bow drill set.Natural Cordage:
 Turn the inner fibers of various plants and trees into functional string and rope; used by indigenous peoples around the world to transport water, hunt food, make shelter, clothing, fire and tools. Reverse wrap, splicing and braiding of cordage will be covered. 


Primitive Furniture: Using your handmade cordage, twine a cattail sleeping mat that can also be used as a camp backrest, for projects around the fire.

Coal-burnt wooden containers and spoon.Coal-burnt Wooden Containers & Spoons: Make your own eating containers and utensils by burning out a depression in a piece of wood with hot coals, using the same method Native Americans used to hollow out dug-out canoes. 

Willow baskets in front.Woven Basket: Weave a willow basket for gathering rosehips, raspberries, sumac berries and other edibles. 

Create and take home an abundance of handmade primitive gear. After this adventure, you will never look at the outdoors the same way again.