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Buckskin clothes. Photo by Joe Lingeman. Wet-scraping a deerskin at night  Buckskin is a soft leather made of deerskin, often worn as clothing by Native Americans and primitive people around the world.

This natural, yet durable and  highly versatile material can be used to weave a willow basket, to make a sling for small game hunting and self-defense, as a bow string for your bow drill friction fire set, as cordage on your primitive shelter, to make moccasins (footwear) or even as lacing for a cool pair of huaraches (Tarahumaran style tire sandals).

Stretching and drying buckskin white.Jaquelina Gonzalez Fuentes softening buckskin on a cable.In this work shop, you will learn the ancient art of hide tanning using chicken eggs! Traditionally the brains of the animal were used. Beginning with a raw whitetail deer hide soaked in a lye solution; you will wet-scrape, soak in egg yolk solution, wring out, stretch and smoke your hide, ending with a finished product to take home and use.

Smoking buckskin using a wood stove.Smoking buckskin primitively using a hole in the ground.All necessary hide tanning supplies such as a whitetail deer hide,  a scraper, eggs, fleshing beam and plastic apron will be provided. You will need to bring a basic knife with a 3" - 4" non-serrated blade.





Final product.