Attention!  Due to unforseen personal circumstances that I have to attend to, Chris Dougherty's Wilderness Adventures school is now CLOSED until further notice and ALL courses offered in 2013 are now CANCELLED.  However, the website will remain up for viewing and be updated as things change.  For those who wish to stay connected and follow the future changes to the school, "like" my Facebook page via the link on the tab bar of this home page.  Feel free to contact me with questions by email, facebook, or phone (I will be in Mexico).

                                                                                    -Chris Dougherty


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Morning at camp in Adirondacks.

Weekend campout with the Primitive Pursuits club from ESF.Chris Dougherty's Wilderness Adventures school was created to educate those interested in self-reliance, learning the skills to survive an unexpected night in the woods or to learn the same ancient primitive living skills practiced by Native Americans for thousands of years, long before the existence of electricity and supermarkets. Whatever your outdoor recreational endeavors are; from hiking, biking and white water rafting, to hunting and camping, these skills will allow you to pack lighter and move through the remote back-country with confidence and self-assurance. The more you know, the less you need!

First fire by rubbing sticks together!The art of becoming invisible!Your classroom is the 6 million acres of mixed hardwood/boreal forest located in the Northern Appalachian Mountains, known as the Adirondacks and to the west, separated by the Black River Valley, 150,000 acres of northern hardwood forests in the Tug Hill region. Combined, this vast stretch of wilderness is covered by a mix of white pine, spruce, sugar maple, beech and birch trees, all supporting a plethora of wildlife including moose, whitetail deer, rabbits, beavers, turkeys, fishers, coyote, black bear, bobcats, and maybe even mountain lion.

All of our courses are limited to 12 students or less, keeping the student-to-instructor ratio low. This is critical to your learning and the most effective way to practice hands-on-skills. Our courses are not sequential and can be taken in any order based on your interests. However, the Staying Alive: Basic Wilderness Survival Skills course is a great starting point for beginners.

Each course presents a new set of skills in fire making, shelter building, etc. specifically focused on a unique theme with very little overlap. All courses are taught by Chris Dougherty and open to everyone (students 15 years of age and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian).

If you seek personal growth and to push yourself to your perceived limits and beyond, then these life-changing wilderness adventure courses are for you! Register for a weekend course today or contact me with questions.