Chris Dougherty's Wilderness Adventures hopes to add the following courses to their 2014 schedule, but that depends on whether they can collect enough deer hides this fall and have the funds to buy land to run the courses on. 

As of now, all courses are run on a leased-private or state land, restricting what we can do. 

We do accept donations!


  • Deep Snow Survival Camp Out (January - February). Limiting factor: deep snow


  • Rawhide Burden Basket / Tarahumara Tire Sandals (2 days). Limiting factors: land / deer hides / non-steel belted tires
  • Sugar Maple Syrup from Tree Sap (Late February - March). Limiting factors: land
  • Wilderness Games (1 week). Limiting factors: land
  • The Ultimate Scout (1 week). Limiting factors: land